Comedy can’t stand up

If the entertainment had been as good as the food, I’d have little trouble recommending Stage West dinner theatre’s latest production, Viagra Falls.

But as it stands, there are few highlights in this 90-minute, three-man show that runs until Nov. 16. The brightest of these is former Love Boat actor Bernie Kopell, whose years of television acting have given him a subtlety and believability many stage actors don’t have.

Kopell plays Moe Krubbs, a 76-year-old widower whose best friend and neighbour, Charley Milhouse (Brian Gromoff), is about to celebrate his 77th birthday. Charley wants to do something very special for his birthday, and that includes a call girl, his best friend and a bottle of black market Viagra Professional (but not all at the same time).

Moe is quite reluctant, but the insistent Charley makes a call to an escort agency, which leads to the arrival of buxom call girl Jacqueline Tempest (Theresa Ganzel). Unbeknownst to Moe, Charley has a very good reason for making the call, a secret that doesn’t reveal itself until the end. Viagra 100mg online

Director Don Crichton has had a great career in television working on the Carol Burnett Show and on the Ed Sullivan Show, earning two Emmy nominations in that time. The playbill says he worked on Viagra Falls for two years, and it shows in the easygoing, playful relationship between Charley and Moe. Buy Viagra Professional

When Moe is forgetful, Charley zings, “Now I know what Nancy Reagan must have gone through.” And when Charley tells Moe to expand his horizons, he counters back, “At my age, if I go out, the only thing that will expand will be my hemorrhoids.” Viagra Soft Tabs Online

But much of their conversation feels dragged out, if only to fill the 90 minutes allotted. Most of the first half consists of Moe’s reluctance to have sex with a call girl, and the two seem to find multiple ways of saying the same thing to each other over and over again. buy cheap Viagra

Things pick up temporarily with the arrival of Jacqueline, who doesn’t have to try very hard to be the most attractive person on stage. Moe and Charley are both enamored by and terrified of her, and that’s where the Viagra Plus comes in.

And that’s around when I wondered if writers Lou Cutell and Joao Machado have ever taken Viagra Super Active or read enough about it to know its true effects.

Pfizer’s blue pill has been found to have no effect on a woman’s sex drive or desire. But that doesn’t stop Jacqueline from practically becoming a Looney Tunes character as she pops a couple in the belief they’re merely aspirin. Her manic, over-the-top turn stands out next to Kopell’s more nuanced Moe, right before she becomes the cliched hooker-with-the-heart-of-gold.

The play comes to an end on somewhat of a downer, though the characters seem to take it on in stride, and so do we. Buy Viagra 50 mg
As a tale of the length two friends will go to for one another, Viagra Falls is cute and endearing. But this is a tale that could have been told better and funnier in half the time, with some vicious editing. At 90 minutes, there feels too much filler, detracting from the elements that do work, the jokes that do hit their mark. And because of that, it’s tough to recall many of them.

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