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Chronic Cough Due to Asthma

Multiple prospective studies have shown that asthma is among the most common etiologies of chronic cough (24 to 29%) in adult nonsmokers, Usually, cough is associated with the more typical symptoms of dyspnea and wheezing, Alternatively, an isolated cough may serve as a harbinger of future asthmatic episodes, In a subgroup of asthmatic patients, however, […]

Psychosocial Barriers to Asthma Education: Physician and Asthma-Educator

It is important that the physician understands that the typical primary care consultation, which is often limited by the high volume of patients that need to be seen, is not the best forum for the delivery of asthma education. In this setting, the physician will often talk in a hurried fashion using technical language that […]

Psychosocial Barriers to Asthma Education: Psychological Factors

The most extreme example of this interaction between asthma and work is that of occupational asthma. In this instance, patients face double jeopardy in that not only does continuation of a particular occupation lead to ongoing symptoms, but disability insurance may not be available and the eventual outcome is loss of work with inadequate compensation. […]

Psychosocial Barriers to Asthma Education: Socioeconomic Status

Although these studies were not intended to evaluate standards of care, it is a reasonable assumption that successful implementation of an asthma education program in one of these deprived neighborhoods would not only be hampered by a lack of health-care infrastructure but also by the fact that optimal asthma control is likely to require regular […]

Psychosocial Barriers to Asthma Education: Recruitment

A crucial factor for the successful implementation of an education program is the participation of the patient in an enthusiastic manner. We and others have found that patients with uncontrolled asthma may be reluctant to enroll in and complete the educational program. In our own study, it was especially disappointing that those subjects at highest […]

Psychosocial Barriers to Asthma Education: Societal Perspective

In recent years, the important role that asthma education can play in improving the management of asthma has been recognized. This article will focus on patient education but will briefly consider physician education as it pertains to improving asthma care. Although the exact content and mode of delivery have not been defined (eg, need for […]