Canadian Pharmacy Levitra: Your Weak Erection Solution

Higher LibidoNot every man can satisfy his woman in bed. Due to erectile dysfunction most men cannot last long in bed. Male impotence, premature ejaculation, weak erection and lovemaking weak point are all those sexual problems that put a crimp in man’s sexual life. Nowadays, millions of people through the world are affected by male impotence. Most men feel themselves embarrassed and ashamed when talking on weak erection problems. But they shouldn’t ignore the problem. These days, weak erections are not considered as non-recoverable. Due to modern researches the problem can be easily treated with proper medication. Canadian Pharmacy Levitra will help you to get rid of your ED problems in no time! Stop your sufferings and make your sexual life possible.

Erectile dysfunction is more commonly experienced after the age of 40. Though, there are many men suffering from this problem who are even younger. So, what is the cause of ED? Inadequate blood supply in penis is one of the causes of weak erection. With the help of Levitra, the muscles of penis can relax which helps the blood to flow in creating a firm, hard erection. The patients who are taking the pills have a long lasting erection and experience a great sexual activity. This effective drug will provide you with higher satisfaction and much higher libido!

How to use Levitra

It is recommended to start with 10 mg of orange Levitra tablet. The drug should be taken at least one hour before sexual activity. Levitra pill is not a cure for ED and should be taken each time a man wants to have a sex but not more than one pill a day. If you want to have the initial dose consult a doctor who will assess the most appropriate dose for you based on a specialized medical consultation. Canadian Pharmacy Levitra normally starts working within 40 minutes, although some patients can achieve an erection within 20 minutes.

Important information

Before taking the pills consult a doctor. Your medical adviser should know whether you are allergic to this medication or not. You need to inform the doctor if you have heart attack history or angina. You should immediately inform the doctor if you are experiencing any noticeable changes in your vision or when you have painful erection that lasts for more than four hours. The patients can be affected by such possible side effects like hurt burns, flushing, stomach upsets, dizziness, running noses and seizures. Most side effects usually disappear within a few hours without causing any long term damage.

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